Track the progress of your fleet’s drivers from the simple and intuitive Web-based Manager platform in your browser. Visuals and tools are available to diagnose and track important performance indicators in real time, as well as interact with multiple driver teams. You can set up challenges, prepare the gift store, define teams, manage your users, etc.


Every Monday, the managers of your choice, a summary of the important indicators concerning the performance of your teams: Scores, rankings, carbon footprint, mileage, etc. Intelligent actions will be proposed every week, such as automatically and anonymously contacting drivers who take risks.

Downloadable data

All data generated by your drivers is analyzed and made available to you. Whether this data is daily, weekly, monthly, or trip-by-trip, or whether it is aggregated by team or by driver, you can consult or download it at any time from your platform manager. It is also possible to import the data into your existing information system in order to draw business conclusions (time in traffic jams, average time of customer appointments, route optimization, etc.).


Fuel consumption

We help you to drastically reduce your fuel consumption to better protect the planet and of course for you. We calculate in real time and for each vehicle, the fuel consumption that you emit, detecting events that cause additional and unnecessary costs, to transmit them to you afterwards. This real-time coaching makes your driving safer and more flexible, thus reducing your fuel consumption.

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