The videos taken by the dash-cam are of course viewable later, allowing drivers to understand what is really happening on the road by viewing the most important events of each trip made.

Turn your smartphone into a third eye on the road.  Your smartphone records the most important moments of your journey, measuring your speed in real time and automatically alerting you to the safe distance from the vehicle in front. The videos taken by the dash-cam are of course viewable later.


All users can chat with our technicians and engineers at any time by phone, email, or on the live chat directly accessible from the mobile application. They will be able to ask questions and share their opinions about their experience with the application.


Keeping drivers motivated in the long term is a key objective. Through gamification we can meet this challenge. By driving responsibly and safely, drivers earn XP points for good driving, which they can spend in a corporate gift store you set up. Launch contests by team or by driver, with precise objectives and a duration of your choice, and motivate all your drivers in a few clicks!

coaching with video tutorials

During the deployment, tutorial videos will be offered. They will clearly explain the use of the manager tools in detail.

But also with PDF tutorials!

Illustrated and clear PDFs will be provided so that you can distribute them by email to your employees during the deployment. They will illustrate the installation steps of the application, as well as everything you need to know to get started.

Artificial intelligence in the service of road safety


Artificial intelligence for road safety / Artificial intelligence & road safety. Judging driving behavior is very complex. That’s why we have developed award-winning artificial intelligence algorithms that automatically learn the right driving behaviors. For example, inappropriate speed alerts do not simply follow the rules of the road. They are triggered when our algorithm considers that the speed is “statistically deviant”, compared to the behaviors of drivers who have driven on the same section of road, under similar conditions. Thus, the alerts are relevant and really help to save lives.


Scan your vehicle’s mileage in an instant with your smartphone camera and pull up accurate mileage information for the entire vehicle fleet. Mileage scan notifications for all your drivers can be defined. Synchronized with your driving rules, the distances covered by your vehicles are finally under control!



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