Stop tracking fuel expenses ! ​

Fuel expense optimization is a major challenge for fleet managers, especially since the recent increase in prices. Indeed, fuel is the second largest expenditure for a company, after the acquisition of company vehicles. It is clearly important for any enterprise that operates a vehicle fleet to ensure that it has robust processes in place to manage fuel expenses.

On the other hand, some fleet managers believe that it is essential to closely monitor the actual fuel consumption of each vehicle in order to detect excessive fuel consumption and identify their best drivers.

However, for many fleets that use fuel cards, this information is already calculated and reported. Therefore, there is no need to have telematics to know it again. No, telematics does not need to know the actual fuel consumption of the vehicle.

Instead, telematics will allow tracking of driver behavior, which is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects for the company to optimize its fuel costs. Through certain telematics technologies, particularly eco-driving monitoring, also known as fuel-efficient driving, it will be possible to monitor driving behavior and identify bad driving habits that result in additional fuel costs. Moreover, there are numerous advantages to having a fleet of vehicles driven in a reasonable manner.


From reducing wear and tear to reducing accident risks, the benefits are significant. The best way to improve driver behavior and encourage eco-friendly driving is to educate your drivers on effective driving practices. In this way, a telematics solution will help you monitor your drivers’ driving styles in order to potentially reduce fuel consumption.

For example, Ellis-Car, a virtual driving companion, provides you with efficient and automated means to easily identify drivers with room for improvement. The solution even informs drivers in real time, using intelligent voice alerts, about driving errors they make, enabling them to proactively address risky behaviors while staying focused on their driving. By doing so, you optimize the costs of your vehicle fleet through a very simple and completely autonomous solution to deploy.



This way, you have access to both driving safety data and statistical data on fleet vehicle usage, enabling you to make intelligent decisions based on objective data. You will gain new insights into your drivers’ fuel consumption habits, which will help you find ways to reduce costs and improve your financial results.



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