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Will telematics erase traffic jams?


Certainly not tomorrow morning. But it can help to reduce them now. How can it do so? For example, data on the overall MAC address density of mobile handheld devices could be used as an approximation of pedestrian density and signal the need to prime vehicle-based systems for safer operation (lower speed, preparation before braking, etc.).

In-depth analysis and a detailed understanding of travel, whether pedestrian, two-wheeler or new modes of travel such as eclectic scooters, will soon make it possible to regulate the frequency of public transport. These systems are already in full-scale experimentation to study and rationalise mobility in rural areas. All indications are that in the coming months experiments will also be launched in cities to regulate bus frequencies by taking into account numerous data sources, including meteorological elements or the occurrence of exceptional events.

It will also be possible to vary the duration of traffic lights in order to smooth traffic flow in dense areas. The holding of the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024 will provide an opportunity to measure the effectiveness of these systems, which will be widely deployed by then.





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