Business Line

Transport and Logistics
● Respect of deadlines.
● Compliance of social legislation.
● Good condition of the transported goods.
Construction and public works
● Respect of deadlines.
● Value of information in projects.
Food industry
● Respect of deadlines
● Quality of delivery.
Rental vehicles
● Visibility.
● Compliance.

Transport and Logistics

Respect of deadlines, compliance with social legislation & good condition of the transported goods.

You are constantly under pressure to become more competitive by reducing costs and increasing your fleet's revenues while protecting your employees and assets.

The road can cause delays and major disruptions. When delays accumulate, your drivers are then subjected to high pressures.


Construction and building industry


Timeliness & value of information in projects.

Construction companies' fleets face specific and complex challenges: activities spread over many sites, vehicles subject to high constraints, etc. 

Behavioural analysis solutions, based on artificial intelligence, will allow you to have a :

● Customized real-time training that reduces fuel consumption and the risk of accidents.

● Dangerous area detection, which alerts your employees in a preventive way.

● Timely and targeted maintenance, which maximizes the life of your vehicles and increases their residual value at the end of the contract.

Food industry

On-time delivery & quality of delivery.

With Ellis-Car, your fleet's performance ensures that every driver, every vehicle and every load arrives safely on time, while closely controlling costs.

  • Clear dashboards
  • Travel information
  • Training and gamification tools

Several motivating challenges, which encourage drivers to improve their performance even further. In terms of road safety, overconsumption of fossil fuels and therefore impact on air quality.


Rental vehicles

Long or short term


Visibility & compliance.

The level of requirement in terms of regulation and protection of employees obviously applies to rental vehicles, which can be a source of hidden significant additional costs.

  • Follow-up of handling.
  • Follow-up of vehicle returns.
  • Follow-up of journeys actually made.

Real-time vehicle recommendations and management with an immediate effect in risk reduction and reduction of user costs. The driving time of each employee is also monitored.




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