Vehicle Fleet

Understand & Motivate

Explaining the usefulness of Ellis-Car solutions to drivers is the first step in ensuring strong involvement from everyone.

Motivate & Involve

Analysing risky situations to which your employees are exposed will allow a smooth and gradual change in driving behaviour.

Encourage & Involve your drivers in their own safety.



The Ellis-Car platform will allow you to manage your fleet and view all its statistics. You will get an answer to any question, through a personalized assistance at your disposal

Respecting confidentiality, is our first concern.

Our solutions follow the recommendations of the European CNIL.

Data security is our priority.

Personal Data & Geolocation

Respect for personal data and privacy is one of our main concerns. 

All our solutions are 100% European CNIL-compatible that ensure your safety and environmental protection while respecting the conditions of data collection and storage.


Is it necessary to geolocalize ?

Some companies need to localise their vehicles in their daily activities. But when it is not always necessary, geolocation data can be only accessible to the driver. 

We have therefore developed 3 solutions according to your needs:

  • No-Geo: No Geolocation. 100% confidential.
  • Standard-Geo: Active geolocation.
  • Mix-Geo: Geolocation accessible temporarily and only in case of accident.

Get a holistic vision of the evolution of your fleet's performance

Commit your teams on reducing the environmental impact of your fleet, costs and protecting the lives of all road users on a daily basis.

Putting artificial intelligence at the service of humans.


Ellis-Car makes the most of the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Ellis-Car helps you to drastically reduce fuel consumption to better protect the planet. And protects the human being by avoiding road accidents !

  • Road risks predictions
  • Customized improvement programs
  • Respect of the conductor data

Let’s protect the planet

By changing driver behaviour, you can make a significant contribution on reducing greenhouse gases.

Real savings put to the test !

Ellis-Car demonstrates its financial impact on each decision by reducing the TCO by up to 15%.

We model your fleet at the most granular level, generating more quality and safety. Test our solutions for free and you will be pleasantly surprised.


Cost reduction & Social Responsibility

Ellis-Car's eco-friendly digitalization and Artificial Intelligence are a revolutionary tool to simplify the daily life of fleet managers.

  • Drastic cost reduction is good.
  • Guaranteeing it by contract is better.
  • By simplifying repetitive tasks, it's even better !

Avoiding premature deterioration of wear parts and air pollution is good.

Doing so, by simplifying management, is much better.

Raising awareness

Road safety is a collective responsibility, whether you are a private or professional driver. It is essential to measure the impact of our behaviour in order to improve.

To keep the road pleasant and safe, it is necessary to identify (and repair) these small signs, those called weak signals, mostly harmless but which can be the source of accidents.

Videos, weekly and monthly driving reports are there to help us change our behaviour, improve our safety, of our passengers and other road users.





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