The Ellis-Car scoring system is particularly simple. It consists of an assessment of several driving components, rated to 100, combined with an overall weighted average, also rated to 100, each rating obviously takes into account the most exhaustive possible driving context : visibility, wet or dry road, traffic, driving time, vehicle type, etc.

Security scores are adjusted frequently. Thus, any effort made in this area results in a change of the driver's score and the overall fleet. This approach generates emulation between colleagues in order to improve everyone's driving performance in a good spirit.

The Ellis-car gamification platform, is very easy to use, supports the implementation of inter or intra-company challenges to reward the teams or drivers who have progress the most.

This rating system, combined with real-time alerts, makes a significant contribution to improving road safety.

We all have something to learn behind the wheel. We all have a lot to gain from it ! It is therefore important to encourage and reward everyone's efforts!

In addition, Ellis-Car, can attest to the efforts actually made by a company and assess the seriousness of the collective commitment to this virtuous approach to driving safety. It is highly appreciated by insurance companies.




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