Drive Smart.
Use Ellis-Car.

Ellis-Car technology coaches drivers to drive safer and more cost-effective.

Only by using your smartphone.


Collaborative Intelligence.
You set the rules.
Receive Real Time Alerts.

Road safety is a complex field, and the rules set out
by the Highway Code are not always appropriate.
This is where Collaborative and Artificial Intelligence comes into play.
We let the data define the rules to follow.


Real-time alerts.

Our Machine-Learning algorithms are constantly self-improving and ensure your safety.

● 100% customizable real-time voice alerts.

● Consideration of external conditions and traffic.

Already more than 100 million kilometres finely analyzed.

Voice alerts help you instantly improve your driving even if your smartphone is in your pocket or if you use a navigation service.

Personalized video coaching.

Tailor-made coaching.

● Weekly driving email report.

● Personalized coaching video on driving behaviors and adapted to your needs.

Coaching videos created by road safety experts


The first intelligent Dash-Cam
on Smartphone. Off the world.

The world's smartest Dash-Cam on smartphone is finally available.

Turn your smartphone into a third eye focused on the road.

It automatically records the most important moments of your journey.

You can visualize them later, and understand what is really happening on the road.

Start the adventure.




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