I am a driver

Am I driving well?

We will accompany you

Every day, Ellis-Car analyses countless driving and context data in real time.

As actors of our own security, we preserve the lives of others and effectively respect the planet with the help of caring and personalized support.

An accessible solution and results in 30 days of coaching:

  • 70% reduction in excessive speeds
  • 25% reduction in acceleration and sudden braking

Challenge yourself to become the best driver of your company and try to win rewards!


Understand my driving behavior

Data are collected, analysed & deleted.

By comparing my vehicle data with millions of others collected under the same conditions and at the same place, we recontextualize the driving elements as much as possible, also taking into account visibility, traffic conditions, weather and much more.

Ellis-Car generates a confidential program of personalized recommendations in a scientific way.

How will I improve?

What are the risks of improving?

No stigmatization, no fines, no withdrawal of points and above all no spying!

Security, Profitability & Privacy are Ellis-Car's key words.

Every kilometre driven becomes safer, more environmentally friendly and less expensive.


What's in it for us to improve?

Everything to gain. Nothing to lose.

● Access to the best technologies.

● Improve your driving performance.

● Challenge yourself by becoming the best driver in your company's fleet.

● Earn rewards for your conduct.




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