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By comparing your vehicle data with millions of others, collected under the same conditions, in the same place, Ellis-car generates a scientifically based, confidential and highly personalized recommendation program to which only you have access.

Thanks to its partnerships with telematics manufacturers or car manufacturers, Ellis-Car has a wealth of historical data and sufficient driving analyses to be able to compare vehicle behaviour throughout the road network. 

Then the artificial intelligence tools to analyse in real time the local situations of each driver and to be able to evaluate the level of risk as well as the impact on fuel consumption and tyre wear, at any time. The algorithm will then take care of completing whether to send a message in real time to the driver to warn him or help him make a decision.

This procedure makes it possible to identify speeds that are not excessive, but rather inappropriate in relation to local traffic conditions. Each driver is compared to all those who have passed, under the same conditions, to the same place as him. 

We have made the following assumption: the vast majority of motorists make the right decisions. Thus, any behaviour that is clearly out of the ordinary is analysed and weighted. It may be a misdirection on the highway, in a crossroads probably marked by a "stop" sign where the stop is not marked, or at a speed that is clearly different from that of all other vehicles.

It is not Ellis' function to identify traffic violations, let alone to help potential fraudsters who have the financial means to evade sanctions and put other road users at risk of serious accidents. Ellis-because, on the contrary, wants to help motorists to become aware of the danger that can await them at any time. To help them improve themselves or to support them in this process. Without ever stigmatizing them. Without ever punishing them or pointing at them.




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