What are the risks of improving?

The Ellis-Car coaching program is very personalized. Indeed, after observing our driving style in different situations over many months, a driving profile emerges. A kind of signature that identifies situations in which we are exposed to risk. 

This is not necessarily a driving error. But this can sometimes be the case.

Indeed, we are all exposed to a risk because of driving habits that we have developed over time and that, fortunately, rarely lead to accidents.

However, these situations, when several negative imponderables occur at the same time, are the source of sometimes fatal accidents.

It is enough for another motorist to commit a mistake of inattention at the same time as us, for road grip conditions to be less good locally, for us to be more tired, less attentive than usual, which goes completely unnoticed every day, can prove to be the cause of a sometimes serious accident.




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