Artificial intelligence at the service of humans.

Ellis-Car analyzes in real time 12 driving components to create a fair, equitable and relevant profile of each driver. The quality of the personalized recommendations offered to the drivers depends on the accuracy of these analyses.

It is important to reconstruct with precision the particular driving conditions at all times during journeys while taking into account heavy braking on wet roads with heavy traffic at the same time on a dry, sparsely used country road.

Becoming aware of our bad driving habits, often unconscious, leads to very significant savings from day one.

In order to make the solution accessible to many people as possible, without ever disturbing vehicle electronics or exposing its occupants to a new risk, we have decided to never use a connected black box in the vehicles.

Ellis-Car collects a lot of data, deeply analyzes it in real time, and deletes it as quickly as possible to protect everyone's privacy.

Discover how a detailed and relevant analysis of driving can lead to interesting and motivating recommendations. Because they concern us personally. 

Here is the coaching application of the future! Download the Ellis-Car app to benefit from it !




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