Transport and Logistics

Improving the behaviour of your drivers and the performance of your fleet ensures that every driver, vehicle and load arrives safely and on time, while closely controlling costs.

Ellis-Car telematics improves safety and punctuality, streamlines operations and delivers an excellent return on investment.

Real-time coaching and alerts alert drivers when they are exposed to increased risk so that they can correct themselves.

Clear dashboards, travel information and training and gamification tools to organize motivating challenges help drivers to further improve their performance. In terms of road safety, overconsumption of fossil fuels and therefore impact on air quality.

Detailed analyses and monitoring tools that show management and drivers where, when and how they drive.

Hour-of-service compliance solutions to avoid costly fines and ensure the safety and vigilance of drivers, on and off the road.

Examples of Activities :

> Passenger transport (buses, VTC,...)

> Interurban road freight transport

> Road transport of local freight

> Moving companies




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