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La télématique Ellis-Car – La Construction et le BTP

Ellis-Car telematics, with or without a blackbox, maintains and improves the quality of services provided to your customers while reducing your costs.

  1. By automatically measuring the working hours, departure and return times of each site, you will rationalize the use of your fleet and be able to invoice your interventions in an appropriate way. 
  2. In addition, by reducing bad driving habits, a source of fuel over-consumption, you improve your company's profitability. This improvement in road safety will have a mechanical impact on the level of insurance premiums. Indeed, by avoiding the occurrence of accidents, road risk prevention and reduction solutions avoid the constraints and expenses that they cause (deductibles, short-term vehicle rental, etc.).

Many construction companies need both to rationalize their costs and to improve the safety of their equipment and their employees.

Ellis-Car telematics allows a much sharper and more efficient management, and real-time tracking on any device (computer, tablet, mobile phone,...).




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