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10 tips for optimising your car fleet

Technological innovations have brought a lot in terms of consumption.  Today? It is clear that the most effective lever to achieve better fleet optimisation is clearly the support of your employees at the wheel of your vehicles.


Thanks to Ellis-Car, fleet managers can now access billions of pieces of data in real time about their vehicles and their environmental impact. It is common knowledge that theoretical consumption is very difficult to achieve in real life. It is also well known that two identical vehicles with very similar journeys can see their consumption vary greatly depending on the driver's behaviour.

Observing the consumption of a vehicle is easy (a simple calculator is enough).  To optimise costs, on the other hand, it is necessary to be able to state (or disprove) with certainty that any over-consumption is linked to overly aggressive driving. To, of course, support the employee in order to lead him/her to a more flexible driving style. Therefore more respectful of the environment.

By accurately and objectively analysing behaviour, Ellis-Car can help you identify the behaviour to be corrected and set you short- or medium-term profitability objectives.

Ellis-Car provides turnkey tools to analyse all this data and generates complete and accurate activity reports to implement a fleet sustainability plan.

Here are the 10 actions to implement in order to make your fleet more sustainable (and more economical):

Analyse the data.

Telematics technology allows you to generate reports automatically. We recommend that you monitor CO2 emissions, idle times and other parameters to achieve a sustainable fleet.

Take the whole company on board.

Choosing a sustainable fleet strategy means involving the whole organisation. From the management to the drivers. If environmental impact is a real priority, then the financial results will be there. It's not a question of implementing a poster policy, but of good management!

Train only those who need it !

Obviously, the majority of drivers don't drive quite sensibly. Here too, the 2080 rule applies!  The problem is that it is useless to arrive "after the battle" to train. You have to be proactive and invest time and energy to train only those drivers who are most at risk.  Before they are victims of an accident of course!  To do this, Ellis-Car analyses precisely the repetition of exposure to accident risks, identifies the employees who will gain the most from training, by detecting precisely the areas in which they can make the most progress.

In the end, it is possible to inform us that 10% of drivers. This mechanically divides the cost of training by 10! Which means that it finally becomes accessible to most companies.

Be flexible.

This means being open to new ideas, which may seem far removed from the way you work. Start with simple things and analyse your results.

Reduce downtime.

Thanks to the reports you can edit, it's easy to reduce idle time levels and make your fleet more profitable. By considering sharing certain vehicles, for example.  Ellis-Car has acquired real experience in this area, which has an impact on the carbon footprint (with significant, almost immediate savings).

Train your drivers.

By taking into account real-time alerts (concerning sudden braking and acceleration, prolonged excessive speeds, etc.) you make your drivers aware of the importance of their driving style. You make them understand, on the road, that more flexible and efficient behaviour translates into a more environmentally friendly approach.

Motivate drivers with challenges.

Train employees and encourage them to save fuel by rewarding them! It's only fair and it's also very profitable!

Adopt a new form of mobility.

Although long considered a taboo subject in fleet management, many managers are discovering the benefits of promoting carpooling and alternative means of transport, such as public transport or two-wheelers. 

Plan the transition.

Do you know the advantages of electrifying your fleet?  Ellis-Car helps you analyse the real use of your vehicles and guides you. It helps a lot to get started with such a project. There are many aids for introducing electric vehicles into fleets. Don't hesitate to take advantage of these opportunities.

Discover the advantages of proactive maintenance.

Thanks to the recorded data, it is possible to predict certain breakdowns and plan the replacement of certain parts.

Thanks to Ellis-Car solutions, you are now able to improve the profitability and sustainability of your fleet by making your drivers a little more eco-responsible every day.




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